1 Day, 30 Miles
Feast and Famine

Gutted Out

Charlie managed to get through massive stomach pain tonight with some hours of ultra-repetitive speech (you never knew how many times a boy could 'hi' in a way that is not exactly salutary), leg-shaking, head-clutching, crying, one mom-arm-grab, one dramatic opening of the front door to reveal rain, and going to sleep peacefully, thymic distress dissolved. A clue that it was his stomach -- he is on an antibiotic for impetigo which has cleared up nicely -- was his desperate calling for a burrito, something he did back in January when he had a god-awful stomach ailment that attacked a good percentage of his school and led him to smack the back of his head on the edge of the wood paneling of our living room, so that he required round one of staples this year.

By coincidence, I finished up a piece about the Olive Garden, which I've mostly heard about along with utterances of stomach unhappiness, as Charlie was plodding around cheerfully at 2am. Gut feelings do say it all.



Very sad face from our house to yours. Our boys need to stop cycling together!

Wishing you rest and Charlie peace and a happy belly. xo

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