Autumnal Splendor
Anxiety, Thy Name Is Charlie Fisher

Letting Go of the Albatross, or Trying To

Rain and a good soaking mean nothing: Charlie and Jim ride bikes.

That's what you have to do when life gives you rain; a handtruck with a flat tire (Jim was still able to drag out that massively oversized white elephant TV onto the sidewalk with it); said long unused and broken TV (it is an albatross bought with good intentions by my parents) that is not picked up in the annual town pick-up, possibly because it really is just too big -- yes, I have never liked it! I haven't watched TV since I was 13. You say, zounds, or the equivalent, and have a good ride.

I'm saying 'sblood  as Charlie and I pass the midnight hour together. His belly must be bothering him, based on the amount of food he has eaten and his fervent requests to go out for more. Hormones must be at work, too.

Fortunately, 8am Latin class is midterm review and, as aforementioned, I can teach Latin and ancient Greek on no sleep, with the flu (no, i don't have it right now but there have been times i have, plus fever, sore throat, headache, yes bellyache and -- really the worst from a teaching perspective -- a runny nose), post-severe behavior storms (that has certainly happened several times over the past 13 years), and for sure and ever after a long night's voyage with our boy and mariner.

6am, Tuesday morning: Charlie did sleep, around 2am, after snacking more and filling the bathtub with water. He was smiling when he finally lay down.



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