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Mother Guilt Attack

Charlie and Barney in St Paul

I'll always wish I hadn't thrown his Barney away. When Charlie was 7, it felt that it had to be, because of head-banging occurring along with bouts of purple dinosaur play and videos.

It was probably better ultimately to say good-bye.

But having mother guilt is all part of our odyssey, I think.



Yes, I think you are right. No hair shirts allowed, though!


Has Charlie been asking for Barney with more urgency lately? Do you think he's craving the comfort of holding the actual stuffed toy Barney? Or is it nostalgia for a simpler, soothing time?

My daughter's Barney has been hiding in the back of her closet for the past 18 years, if you want to "borrow" him.

Kristina Chew

@Niksmom, trying!

@Monica, I think you've got it -- it's the sensation and feel of carrying around Barney that Charlie misses. I think seeing Barney again (the one who says 100 things) would be too much -- and Charlie seems mostly all right about it (more than his mother perhaps!). But I feel better knowing there's a Barney in the back of your daughter's closet.

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