What We Did During the Presidential Debate

Not that you need to hear this but, head-banging is about as funny as 'retard' to us

We just got through one of those begins-with-whacking-the-corner-of-the-iPad on the bedroom wall storms, though several degrees less bad than the one Charlie had the night before he went back to school, almost exactly a month ago. He called and called for his iPad after things were over but (powdery with plaster dust from the wall), the iPad remains on the brown chair: As we told Charlie, he needs to sleep first then he can have it.

It is past 2am and I want to take one fast glance at some things pertaining to Herodotus but I just wanted to say something I've had on my mind for years.

I really get all-out annoyed when people make references to head-banging and head-bangers and head-smack-on-desk and that sort of thing, in a heavy metal sort of way, in a haha funny black humor! aren't I being so risqué way.

Charlie started banging his head / hitting it with his hand when he was a toddler for reasons that, with this late hour and Herodotus in mind, I will not delve further into at the moment. We've been through helmets, as well as helmet-caused impetigo on the head. I keep forehead-sized bandaids and neosporin in the car because you never know.

Charlie doesn't need those tonight, fortunately.



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