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The Varieties of Anxiety In Our Experience


Charlie was up till 3.30am Friday night but as he wasn't shoveling in scores of frozen French fries as on the previous two nights, and was cheerful as I half-in-sleep offered positive verbiage, it was actually a rather pleasant time as these things go He's been anticipating a visit with long-time friends from Minnesota this weekend for months and there's been some happy anxiety, perhaps signaled when he nervously brought two suitcases downstairs amid a long Wednesday night.

We were all also in a bit of an extra-cheery mood because on Thursday the neurologist's office called to say their new office in North Jersey is open so we scheduled an appointment next month there, winning a reprieve from a totally unfun and deleterious two-hour there and back ride on a treeless, shoulder-less section of the New Jersey Turnpike on a Friday afternoon. I was so giddy about not having to make the trip (when we got home after the last one, Charlie ran from the car and threw himself on the neighbor's lawn) I mentioned this to my Latin students, who offered shudders thinking of that stretch of the Turnpike.

In other words, there's happy anxiety and anxiety anxiety, and Turnpike anxiety, as a subcategory of the latter. And grandparents anxiety, end of school anxiety, start of school anxiety, vacation anxiety, dadless Wednesday anxiety -- it is quite the list!



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