Focus on the Essential
The Monday After

How the Numbers Add Up

Actually, it's yellow jackets with shorts.


It's been 8 bike rides for a total of 60 miles since Friday for Jim and Charlie.

5 1/2 hours of me waiting in line for gas.

Counting Monday (the Big Autism Center announced on Sunday night that it's not ready to open due to accessing road conditions and fuel), 6 days out of school for Charlie.

25 miles of biking + walking on Sunday for Charlie, with me on all the walks, Jim on 2 and Jim (of course) on all the bike rides.

Fewer than 1 million New Jerseyans are without power tonight. Sounds good unless (of course) you're among the thousands (like some of our friends) who are still without.

0, the days we lost power, putting us in the category of ultra lucky dogs who could get slammed in the next storm-round but all's fair. I don't think we'd leave our house in that instance, though, as Charlie would rather shiver in known environs -- last time we were to stay overnight in a hotel, he almost ended up sleeping in the car as he wanted to get back to his own bed so badly. 

Over 2 weeks of me not seeing many of my students when we have Latin, Greek and Greek history class come this Friday. My school isn't open till Tuesday, Wednesday is to be the first day of class, and my classes meet on Tuesdays and Fridays. And, I ended up having to take a day away from teaching after midterms for a bit of an emergency consultation with Charlie's neurologist about his chronic insomnia, chronia constipation and other matters of a GI sort. I learned a lot, I made a run on the pharmacy and the health foods store for supplements and over-the-counter stomach-trouble solutions afterwards and, so far, Charlie seems to be sleeping on more of a routine and most nights, and he's been happier about the state of his stomach.

I really do think the past post-Sandy, schoolless week would not have been so peaceful without that consultation.

The test will be Monday (today), as Charlie and I will be dropping Jim off for an early train ride (not from our town's train station as that line is not yet up and running) and he won't be back from teaching till the afternoon. And Charlie's anxiety on Dadless days is well-documented.

After this past superstorm, and Charlie's own storminess, I'm feeling very halcyon about it all.


Yellow jacket season commences



Good luck! Wishing you a peaceful day.


Charlie rides. Mike hikes. Thank heavens we have the property for it. Somehow comforting to know someone is living a parallel life to your own ... of sorts.

Peace within -

Kristina Chew

It is quite comforting indeed -- thank you, am checking out your site and very best on the hikes.

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