Lag and How Charlie Sought to Work It Through
Two Weeks After the Hurricane in Jersey City

Reset Now That It's Been a Week on Regular Time

Smy ohl!

'Resetting his clock' was how Jim explained us being up last night at 3.30am with Charlie and I'd say that is the best explanation, also for the disquiet Charlie experienced while at school where things proved to be less orderly (the no bus business, for one) than his previous week at home with us.

Charlie would have been on 'reset' all last week anyways as last Sunday was the return to regular time, a phenomenon I usually make a moderately big deal about but, this year, simply noted as yet another disruption in a period of disruptions.

After trying to sleep in his bed on Friday night/Saturday morning, Charlie ended up casting himself into the blue chair, pulling a blanket over himself and conking out till almost 10am.

In keeping with our habit, we went out to Jersey horse country. The general store where Charlie loves to get a piece of carrot cake was open after just getting power back on Friday but there was no cake, just plastic-wrapped brownies and crumb cakes. I got one of each for Charlie and he didn't object to something different and ate them.

He and Jim did 16 speedy smiles on a trail speckled with fallen tree trunks, 'redwood size,' Jim told me.

At home, Charlie napped from 3.30 till 5.30pm. He was unsettled on waking, his stomach distended, and he wanted a burrito though he'd just had one for lunch. After a tense half-hour, he was able to ease up and Jim took him for a black car ride that first involved a stop at a more local Mexican fast food place that we had last visited years ago, making a harried exit with Jim hanging onto to a storming Charlie who, once outside, would have smashed his head into a storefront's windows if he didn't have his dad using his last strength to stop him.

This Saturday, they were into the Mexican place and out with a 'to go' order in very uneventful fashion. Then they went to a basketball court where Charlie gamefully threw the ball, if not in the basket's direction.

At home, Charlie ate some more (including some plain white rice -- square one  Asian comfort food) and went to his room and wanted a walk and we walked. Then he went to his room and wanted a walk and his eyes lit up when we said 'sure' and we walked, on a street that seemed very bright and quiet because everyone had their power restored and there were no more generators thrumming and the smell of gasoline.

Ocean waves on, nap despite, Charlie was asleep before 11pm.


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