The Dao

Saturday Together

Charlie woke around 3am on Saturday so, after working through a very agitated run-across-the-floor-sudden-and-fast moment, we were not quite the first at the barber's; among the brunch crowd at the Jersey horse country general store where there was again carrot cake (that area lost power for two weeks so its stores were much depleted last weekend); much appreciative of sunshine and relative warmth on a 16-mile fast-paced bike ride that set Charlie up for a four-hour nap afterwards; all amenable to a night drive through the woods and over the hills to a Golden Arches that is a little more shiny than the local branch; all pleased to spend the rest of the evening reading books (Jim and me), mixing up another crumb cake (me), lovingly inspecting photos of toddler Charlie and Barney (all of us) with Carlie tapping the purple guy thoughtfully.

Charlie said 'Barney' with a certain pleased and content ring and then, after I had (his request) put his big blue fleece blanket in the drier, sat with the soft bundle in his lap while sitting in his brown chair, before bedtime by midnight.



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