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The Monday After

Improbably, or maybe not, Charlie and I had a fabulous Monday in which he paced or sat at the front window while I scrubbed the kitchen sink and went through a pile of papers and read about radical democracy in ancient Athens. Then we stood for over an hour in the front yard waiting for Jim (who had made a run to get on the fourth people-packed train that pulled up to the station; the previous three had simply gone by) and there was a yellow jacket bike-lit bike ride.

At 7.37 pm just as Charlie and I were headed out for a walk, the Big Autism Center called: School Tuesday.




I'm so glad school is back open for Charlie, and that your family made it through all right. We usually evacuate from hurricanes, which in a way sounds easier than what you've been going through. Either way, natural disasters are hard on our boys (and their moms)!

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