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Agitation Sunday

These photos suggest it was just another Sunday bike ride on the Jersey horse country trail.

But in reality (what the pictures don't tell), the 16 miles was more of an impressive feat than usual as Charlie had spent the previous evening unable to sleep and broadcasting agitation by deleting all the music from his iPad and then, after it was restored, listening to agitation-signaling music (including Arcade Fire); had coughed and yelled "Rocco Portia" numerous times in the car en route to the bike trail; somehow made contact with a plate when a woman at the general store put out her arm holding such and it broke -- evoking a bad memory when, around two years ago, Charlie had once run into the same store and grabbed a plate behind the counter and thrown it; barely touched the cake in the car; gone running at top speed as soon as the car door opened, Jim at his heels; twice jumped from his bike on the trail and ran. Jim was always right there for him.

It's winter, and Charlie has over a week off from school (he quite knows and said "no school tomorrow" as we passed the area where his school is on the way back home from the bike ride), and we are spending the holiday as a threesome.

At home, Charlie watched me mix the batter for sugar cookies and requested a local bike ride, which proceeded without incident.

Very proud of this boy.




Wishing you and yours Merry Christmas.

Kristina Chew

thanks so much, Linda! hope you and yours have a lovely day.


Merry Christmas, and hope the vacation goes relatively smoothly!

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