Conference Night
Best. Purchase. Ever.

Malum Malum (the evil iPad; a sort of theological post)

No yellow jackets

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, all the holidays have blurred together. Still working through Halloween candy (much shared with my students) and it rather feels like we're still on Arbor Day (in tribute to all the trees lost).

Still, we have been contemplating holiday gifts for Charlie. I had been thinking of an iPad Mini as there are ways it might be set up so he'd see it as something completely different from his iPad and try it for other things (reading). Then, my homemade sensibility asserted itself and I decided to spare myself being put in charge of another eDevice to care for and am going quite low, no tech, for Charlie.

I didn't name his iPad 'Malum' -- meaning 'apple' in Latin and also 'evil' (with shades of theodicy; calling on the Old Testament) - for nothing.


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