A Historic Occurrence
Wonderful Winter Break in Various New Jersey Counties Continues

Windblown and Watery But Not Winded

Of course the day we made it back to the beach (I think it has been almost a year's hiatus?), Charlie excited and tentative but not overwrought, it was after a lesser nor'easter and it was flooded so, after riding several miles south in a wind blowing at perpendicular angles, Jim pedaled and Charlie waded through knee-high water amid ocean debris and it was time to get in the white car and stop at a CVS for dry socks.

Well, it is the end of December and some of the beach's streets are still caked in sand from Hurricane Sandy.

It was no less a good feeling that we had gotten back. We wrapped it up with a short visit (lots of talking, Charlie tugged and tugged at Jim's hand) in the evening to our town's community center, where the author of a book on "the postmaster" was to speak; Jim knows her from his days of research on the waterfront.



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