It Was Another Perfectly Imperfect, Imperfectly Perfect Year
So Far, a Year For Stainless Steel


With cold river behind him


Awakened by merry-making just as the new year began on Tuesday, Charlie and I noted each of the first six hours of 2013, 1.35, 2.15, 3.00, 4.30, 5.45, and  6.30 when the stomach trouble (result of the Chinese food he'd eaten --  some of my relatives like to joke that having tea after such 'cuts the grease' but Charlie does not drink anything hot and grease is grease) that I realized had kept him (along with transition-back-to-school anxiety) from sleeping was alleviated.

A few hours of sleep later, Charlie and Jim biked for 13 miles through snow flurries, ably skirting ice and snow on the road (the bike path remains best suited for cross country skiers). He wanted the noodles again and we took care that all the over-the-counter-neurologist-recommended GI remedies were provided, along with a good dosing of apples.

The rest of the day and night proceeded nicely except that I was watched like a hawk every time I (accidentally or intentionally) bent my body in the direction of the kitchen, Charlie wanting to make sure that I did not move the lunchboxes. 

Consequently, they were loaded at the very last minute as the yellow schoolbus pulled up and Jim helped Charlie into his green parka before a very fast skedaddle over the grass.



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