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Bit Of Beach Blast

It's kind of been Anxiety Central around here (a Monday holiday, winter weather and chilly bike rides, dad 'n' mom back to teaching and running around with more to do, grandparents' visit anticipation worries, familiar places closed or rather destroyed due to that hurricane, being 15 1/2) so fortunately Charlie had a neurologist appointment Tuesday afternoon (though have to add that to the list of possible causes of anxiety). So I rushed home after teaching and we picked him up at school to go to the doctor's office and I assumed that Jim had Charlie's iPad and Jim had listened to me say I would get it. 

Yes, the iPad was not in the back seat of the white car when we picked Charlie up.

After first turning down the iPad I used (it has 3 of the 4 books I'm using to teach this semester on it) Charlie tapped and swiped, once I had changed the background photo to the same one (of the Aegean Sea yes that Aegean Sea in Greece) and we heard several rounds of 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' up and down the Garden State Parkway.

It was quite nice.

Remains of the hurricane.



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