Spelling Out the Différance

Book Thinking

I am having too much fun, and obviously staying up too late, considering what books to buy Charlie.

i found some glorious pop-ups and the 3-d-ness is appealing but he tears paper in some anxious moments (happened on Friday) and I could see all the color and shape and cleverness being too much. R.i.p

Generally I keep returning to books that are heavy on the colors, simple shapes (sometimes of a bit of a mod sort) and minimal on the words and story. I'm not sure if an alphabet book would be called for but maybe.

Back to reading (for Charlie and Jim's Xmas present).




One thing I learned long ago is that you should never teach a child to read using picture books. They are for adults to read to children... no more, no less.

Level Readers are to teach a child to read. I taught both to read using them. The eldest started with the ability to read a word on one page and not be able to transfer it to another... fun.. NOT!!! So "and" on pg 1 for him was a different word on pg 2. The little one once we managed to put pecs, words and signs together for him just simply absorbed words... still does his ability to read, spell and take dictation are higher than most Gr 6 and he's severely autistic. His expressive language - ability to answer questions - is about a 3yr olds unfortunately.



We also used these when they were small to put that picture/word thing together and IMO it did help. I'd try to borrow them either via the library, someone else, your autism society etc.

Kristina Chew

thank you! much to think about.

Jennifer Jantz Estes

My favorite favorite book right now: Hippopposites. Love it. And it seems to match the description of books you mentioned above.

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