Farm Families and Floating Signifiers

For No Man Nor Woman Is An Island

While signing Charlie, on the Friday of a curious week, in at the school office after he quote unquote 'did the best ever' at the dentist (who asked for that to be noted in his chart) I listened to another student's agitation (expressed in more words than Charlie uses); felt the Stimmung, the pulse in the air, amid secretaries, aides who work at the school, aides dropping off students, students, parents, others; and you know how when you're living in a dorm and a synchrony of femaleness occurs?




Long time lurker here -- hi! -- thought you might enjoy this article I read today, given your familiarity/affinity for languages:

Take care!

Kristina Chew

@Christa, ha! When I read something translated into English I always feel I'm just skimming the surface.

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