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A Winter's Night in a Deep and Dark January

More on the Language of Things


Minus 4 Celsius occasioned a short ride but it is not like anyone else was bike riding.

Arctic blast of cold aside, it has been an interesting week. The bus aide called us about ten minutes after a groggy Charlie boarded the bus Thursday morning. He had yelled 'Gong Gong Po Po,' thrown the contents of his book bag and lunch boxes, banged his head on the window and backs of seats. We sighted the bus on a street by the Parkway but it wasn't pulled over and there were no police cars with sirens flashing around. Charlie was sitting quietly in his seat at the back of the bus when Jim boarded (stepping over watermelon and sushi) to take him off.

"We'll see you tomorrow," said the bus driver.

We took Charlie to school. I walked ahead to tell the aide what had happened and off went Charlie. He had a good day and ate a hamburger and a few fries from the cafeteria, a bit of a first. We picked him up smiling and the bike ride was called for.

Charlie has been wearing the same clothes since Tuesday. This evening, I took care that he made the switch to something else.

As I said to the neurologist, a clear sign of Charlie having an increase in anxiety is elevated OCD, manifested through things.




"We'll see you tomrrow" first, but tomorrow is a sparkling new day.


All is well when it ends well.. Τέλος καλό, όλα καλά.!!! Once he let himself go like that he became quiet again.. I've seen this happening in my house quite a lot of times so far! Fortunately,as our kids grow older, these happenings are diminishing!

Kristina Chew

Have been keeping your good words in mind...

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