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Swell elegant gift to Charlie Fromm cousin Barry's kids!


My cousin's kids sent Charlie this très cool gift: A box of paper airplanes! 

I launched a few for Charlie and handed him one; he started to unfold it. On noting this to my cousin, and that it helps Charlie to see the process of how things are put together (and that Charlie has mostly encountered paper to read, write or do assigned art projects on), my cousin sent me to a paper airplane folding website and offered to give us more directions from some books.

It must sound weird to Charlie to hear 'paper airplane'? Two words that, in his existence (really, in the world), don't or oughtn't to fit together? Airplanes deliver people and I'm sure he remembers sitting in the huge hull of one. Paper is light, rippable, to write or mark on.

Charlie wanted to get out and go (as usual) this Sunday morning. I ground my coffee, cut up another apple, let the water sit in the coffee pot to take in the flavors. 

Rather than tell Charlie in words with will o' the wisp staying power, it helps (it's best) to take the time to show the process of how things are put together.



Nicholas used to make paper air planes and then I got some origami books for him.

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