Spelling Out the Différance

So Far, a Year For Stainless Steel



It's day four of MMXIII, pridie Nonibus Ianuariis (the day before the Nones of January) --- the 11th day of the 12th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar -- and, it has only been four days, but so far, a pretty good year.

I discovered a whole world of stainless steel coffee products meaning that I will not have to make my coffee in the slow makes-for-a-good-cup-but-takes-forever-on-work-mornings way: A few years ago, Charlie swiped two coffee makers (the drip type) off the kitchen counter and flung the glass carafes (he still has an OCD thing with anything made from clear glass -- he grabs and throws) so that was that. It (the new stainless steel coffee device) will be something that can be moved around so I can keep the counter clear; Charlie likes to snack there and I put out some of his meds on it and he's very good at taking them. He's pretty good at clearing off crumbs from the counter though not all of them make it into the garbage can.

Jim got me the best Christmas present and, while Charlie has been exercising his vocal cords at decibel levels (at school, so his teacher called, noting it was just loud -- sort of an understatement, that -- talking and nothing more; rows of neighbors must have heard Charlie intoning 'Gramma Grandpa house' on our 2nd walk past their Christmas lights last night), he's talking.




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