The Report From Here and Very Faraway
Four Day Weekend (Less One Day)

A Short and Sweet One

He'd just had an 'episode' (very contained) in the car. I think that makes this picture even better.

After starting his Wednesday shortly after midnight, Charlie got up for the bus at 7.15 am (after a 6.30am walk) and was asleep when it arrived. He had a good day (it's been that kind of week). We walked twice and, after getting a burrito from his favored place, we enjoyed a grand view of the Manhattan skyland from the Meadowlands. We walked twice more and, shortly after start a round of calling for Dad! Dad!, he fell asleep on the blue couch, no melatonin required.

The photo is from a weekend beach trip that led to Charlie's first 17 mile bike ride in a while and after a tough moment, and I'm glad I saved it to post on Valentine's Day.


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