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Further proof our car is actually a room of our house

Boyo Anxius postscript

Charlie having slept nary a wink Sunday night I was not surprised when the school behaviorist called on Monday afternoon to say he'd had an incident (starting on the track, continuing in the classroom but not escalating). Total no-sleep coupled with grandparents departure anxiety coupled with eating a great deal of paper-wrapped chicken and other things into the wee hours Sunday night -- Charlie seems to eat when he is nervous and also when his stomach is bothering him -- well, you can do the math and see it would add up to at least a bellyache.

Then Charlie not only went somewhat further on his bike on a cold afternoon's ride, And, after we'd done one of those zippity-split-quick walks (i.e., running shoes are a must and it's better not to have eaten dinner before), he kept giving me a look as I was flicking around on my phone to read the Roman historian Livy's Book 2 (I also have the book on an iPad that Charlie has lately appropriated along with his own/other iPad, to hear the Beach Boys that were somehow not on the one but on the other which is newer and has a camera).

I asked if he'd like to sit on the blue couch; he walked a bit of a circle away that came back, pushed away a blanket and tapped the cushion and, without going into too many details, I realized that once again I had been off in gathering what Charlie was communicating in actions, not to mention in need of doing some domestic activity (involving large appliances) (not the refrigerator).

I mean, it was just super clear to me why he'd not gone to lie on the couch on Sunday night as he has been on and off doing on nights when insomnia haunts him, or when he seems to be want to be around Jim and me as we're reading at night.

Charlie is now getting very much needed sleep now with (yes) both iPads beside him.

I've got a great quote from Aristotle's Rhetoric (I think) via Anne Carson to end this but due to the complete lack of organization of all of our books after Bookshelvapocalypse two years ago, it will have to wait.



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