We Dwell In Paradoxcity
Boyo Anxius postscript

Boyo Anxius

Charlie having done the power nap thing for almost three hours after a morning walk and a snowy bike ride, and my parents leaving Monday after a nice week's visit, and there being a bit of paper-wrapped chicken in the refrigerator, is having an insomnia night that five additional walks in the afternoon and evening (two of which were mostly him getting me to practice my still-existing sprinting skills) have not assuaged.

I'm not planning on giving him the most exciting lunch as he may not be too hungry, anyways.

May as well include this perhaps à propos motto from Sir Francis Bacon, Faber quisque fortunae suae -- 'every man is the architect of his own fortune' -- it is getting crossed in my mind with il miglior fabbro.



Kerima Cevik

I need to thank you and Charlie for putting yourselves out there. Our son's life is better for your sharing. THANK YOU

Kristina Chew

He slept nary a wink. I think he didn't want to miss a moment of my parents' visit!

_Am always glad to know you're all out there._


Thinking of you and Charlie!

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