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Four Day Weekend (Less One Day)


Charlie has a four-day weekend due to Presidents Day on Monday, a bit of a double disruption as it means one school week is cut short at the end and at the start. Jim brought him to me mid-morning Friday in Jersey City and then went to take care of some business; Charlie and I enjoyed a ride through the Meadowlands, New York on one side and Giants stadium on the other, for a favorite burrito. In the afternoon, he had his first-in-while bike ride with no stops to walk.

Around midnight, unable so sleep (he'd dozed in the afternoon), he was undone, as in agitated, from eating some Chinese noodles -- the bulk of beans and rice suits his stomach but not the grease and soy -- and went for the wall, fiercely, then got himself to sit on the blue couch.

You're probably asking yourself, why do they keep getting those noodles if they bother his stomach? I ask myself that, too. There are always probably other factors (like yet another an oncoming storm, the aforementioned long weekend) behind his thymic distress. Charlie is very obsessive and ritualistic about food and it does seem to help to address these by letting him have what's he's asking for, seeking to moderate it and buttressing his GI system with plenty of fluids and other things (apples and fresh fruit seem to help some).

Charlie and Jim are out bike riding again this Saturday morning because that's what we do.


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