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From Monday

Charlie has been asking rather a lot to go to various (well, 2) places to get burgers. This happened Tuesday (when it was raining; the bike ride photo was taken on Monday) and Wednesday night, the latter being last night and one in which we were waiting out the time for Jim who was teaching his evening class. Charlie's been going through some medicine adjustments one of which has an appetite-increasing side effect. He is also, as often noted, prone to OCD-ness and repeatedly asking to go out to places has long been something he's done resulting in him and me doing those car trips, two walks and a finale ride to the train station an hour before Jim was to come, the last half-hour of which (getting down to the wire here) Charlie has a panic/anxiety attack that he managed to get under control.

After he was back in his seat, we called Jim on the phone and that helped so long as Jim stayed on the phone but then -- phones, disembodied voices are still very confusing for Charlie -- the 'flight' part of his 'fight or flight' tendency came out and he tried to get out of the car so, under-coated as we were, we went to pace a freezing cold train station with small gather of the restaurant workers (who had more of a coat then Charlie) and then the train came, Jim stepped off, Charlie smiled.

But regarding the burgers. It's occurred to me the reason Charlie wants to go out is that I'm a terrible burger-maker. Mine always end up burnt, chewy or gooey -- what you'd expect from someone who's been a vegetarian for three decades! 

Charlie knows how to work around my limitations.


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