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Snow Walks

Nemo Venit


There is quite a bit more snow out there now this morning (photo take Friday night); I just shoveled the driveway. I anticipate a slightly nerve-wracking day as there won't be a bike ride and there must be time indoors. I've noted scrapof s blue sky and a pale whiteness that would be the sun making a show and it is not that cold.

After Wednesday, we had Charlie's IEP at 9am Thursday morning: Down to 0.3 instances of SIBs a day and recently had recycling added to vocational training. Lately attempts to flip the table; signs of really trying to contain himself from more 'exciting' behaviors.

Then Jim drove us into Manhattan and smartly avoided the Holland Tunnel traffic (which was bad) by manuervering around Bayonne and Jersey City as only someone who had ridden around there with Charlie on bikes would be able to do.

Charlie came home cheery and he and Jim did a full local bike ride and there were walks and, on the advice of his teacher who wanted to get him back into the usual as soon as might be possible, Charlie took the bus to and from school on Friday with nothing remarkable to report except that school ended early due to Storm Nemo.

(Though I'd rather call it Imbres Nemo, the former being a word for such a storm in Latin and I've got too many vaguely epistemological quips to make about hunc imbrem sic nominatum, because Nemo means 'no one' with huge resonances to Book 9 of the Odyssey where Odysseus tells the Cyclops his name is Ούδεις or 'no one' -- that is what Nemo means, a bit too much for a Pixar movie fish!)

On the media front, Thursday was a banner day in general, because Jim got this just-released Criterion Collection disc of On the Waterfront and he's got a sweet interview on it.


Tsu Dho Nimh

I misread your title as "Nemo Vomit".

I imagine the northeast does feel like something vomited snow all over it. Projectile vomiting.

Kristina Chew

Venit has the far more innocuous meaning of 'comes.' We got snow but it is winter and we've had far worse -- the storm was far stronger in New England and Long Island. Sunny here on Saturday--


Thanks for explaining "venit", although I admit that with my bad eyesight, I also read "vomit" at first. Funny those tricks the mind plays.
Congratulations to Jim,hope that Charlie enjoys learning recycling, and glad that Nemo has not treated you badly.
Take care.

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