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In Which the White Car Is Not the Desired Object

Approaching the Nones of March (and the Ides)

Writing, many a recommendation letter (once I submit one, another request appears in my email, Hydra-esque-ish, but in a far more positive way!) and posting.

Keeping tabs on a very drawn-out process of taking Charlie off some of his medications while cautiously upping one.

Observing the wind and weather, which continue to bring snow or wintry-ish storms. Charlie has not been wanting to bike as far.

His sleep schedule since the start of this year has been no schedule. Possible medical diagnoses and other matters aside, I would say that Charlie just is not a routine sort of sleeper (neither is Jim; the overlaps and interlacings!).

Plenty of walks at such a fair clip I am unable to countenance strolling at a slow rate, even when I'm not with Charlie and hurrying up the Boulevard to work.



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