EEG Success!
A Post About Progress Though Many Might Say Otherwise

EEG Read

Charlie's EEG showed abnormal brain activity. At a meeting Thursday afternoon with Jim and me, the neurologist and the nurse talked about what they saw from the 20-plus minutes that Charlie kept the electrodes on. There was one spike and then a slow wave in one region and "slow background."

Charlie's not having seizures but other things are going on. He had been on an anti-seizure medication and one that, among other things, has anti-epileptic effects, but in the past 3-4 weeks, we have been weaning him off it. So the meds were not likely to be suppressing seizures.

He has three previous EEGs, when he 2, about 6, 11. The second one definitely recorded abnormalities. No and not seizures. Something else.

We made plans for Charlie to have another EEG in the upcoming months after he is off both the meds with anti-seizure effects, plus some other tests, possibly. Certainly it was very helpful to have an extended, without-Charlie-present, conversation about his neurology.

Wednesday night had been one of those can't-sleep-at-alls, owing to grandparents anticipation anxiety (which peaks usually a week and a half prior to a visit); resulting stomach disturbance; weird disruption of Jim and I being on spring break and Jim being home all day Wednesday; barometer falling, a strong west wind, a temperature drop. And other inexpressibles. Charlie insisted on standing in the living room, got his book bag and walked round the house with it over his shoulder, drank lots of fluids, ate watermelon, looked through the kitchen and snacked, played the Beatles and Disney and the Pogues, lay down at three and was still thirsty and hungry then fell asleep around 4, got himself up at 7, was on the bus and had a sleepy school day, a short bike ride in the wind, plenty to eat, two walks, a tense call to et more that we talked him through to a smile as he turned on 'Go the Distance' then Pixies.

Then up to bed and it occurred to me, in contrast to numerous rounds of laundry Wednesday night, Thursday had occasioned none.


Barbara TherExtras

With only this post in mind....meaning my question is possibly rhetorical, not meant for an answer to me....

Anyway, per your usual, you and Jim do such a loving and complete job of managing Charlie's medical treatment.

I was just wondering if other system diagnostics are combined with the EEG - ? The description of his behavior in this post triggered a few thoughts, first, blood glucose levels, which led to endocrine diagnostics, including hormone levels.

Just my thoughts.

Kristina Chew

@Barbara, thank you for mentioning all of that -- Charlie does have some testing ahead of him. As ever, getting a blood draw requires a bit of planning and prep--

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