Approaching the Nones of March (and the Ides)
Reviewing the History

In Which the White Car Is Not the Desired Object

Snowy, obviously.

Anywhere from 4 - 6am seems to be about the term Charlie has been waking up this week and it was so today. He got dressed (in his swimsuit, as that's scheduled at his school) and gave me an expectant look and I said 'walk.' He changed into his long pants and out we went in the snow.

We passed two boxers and their owner and noted that it was not so cold and there was light trying to emanate from the sky. We neared our driveway and Charlie said 'white car.'

Immediately I thought that he wanted the car and wouldn't be thrilled about the school bus, due to arrive in a half-hour. We went inside and Jim informed us that parts of Liberty State Park are open! and gave Charlie a hug. We mentioned the bus. Charlie still looked rather grim.

I handed Charlie his swimsuit and his face lightened up (a bit). Yes, there's school, we assured him. I went in the kitchen and started spooning some rice into the container that goes in his lunchbox and he was very cheerful.

From then on till we saw him grinning at us from his seat on the right side at the back of the bus (with a driver honking in the car behind, evidently not thrilled they could not zip around and speed away), Charlie was peaceful easy. Snow days don't have to mean anything's disrupted.


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