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No To the New (Yet Again)

A Post About Progress Though Many Might Say Otherwise

Start of good ole 12-mile bike ride.


On Friday morning, Charlie woke around 5.45am and he and I went on a walk. After a block and a half, the lights of a car flashed red, there was beeping, more flickering lights. Charlie uttered a little cry and hit his head on a tree trunk. He walked while I called Jim and we went another half-block and I asked Charlie if he'd like to wait for Dad.

'Yes Dad.'

Soon (very soon) the black car, and Jim in it, appeared and we three finished the walk in easy calmness. Charlie lay down on the blue couch afterward and got up for the bus and he had an up and down day and then a 12-mile bike ride with Jim, complete with a stop at the very good hamburger stand.

Saturday, though Charlie was feeling a bit under the weather and there was snow (wet and flurryish, but snow) for much of the day, he and Jim did a 3-miler by the river in Jersey horse country (horses inside today) and a 2-miler at home, into the snow on the way back. Then Charlie waited some in the brown chair and we saw 20 minutes of a documentary, Running in the Sahara, at our local cinema, with beautiful footage of camels, desert sand, west Africa.

We sit as long as we can before a big screen amid lots of talking and many images and leave when it is time.

We crash into trees and (without, as previously, grabbing, throwing oneself on the ground and banging more, screaming, biting, running towards people's houses and car trunks), keep walking.


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