No To the New (Yet Again)
Spring Break With Something Besides Spring Fever

Negotiating. And Ketchup

If I had nickel for every time we took this walk... #autsmland

I got as close as I ever have last Wednesday night (Jim gone teaching after being home during Spring Break last week) to negotiating Charlie out of having a wall-smashing, desk-clearning 'behavior.'

(Now that is a euphemism!)

I'm very proud, via listening to what was said to him, that Charlie worked his way through feeling ex-treme-ly anxious at 7pm, with 2 1/2 hours more to go before Jim came.

Also. I ended up buying a huge bottle of ketchup and Charlie just used as much as he needed to drench one plate of French fries, rather than the whole bottle.





Wow! That's two huge things! It sounds like Charlie is in a growth spurt, of the non-physical sort. Fabulous! :-)

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