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All in an April Week


It's been quite a week. Charlie had his own many things to deal with -- for the past several months it often seems that his emotions are directly pegged to prepping himself then actually getting through Jim's teaching late on Wednesdays. The miles of vigorous exercise he puts in must help but it always seems something more is needed and we (Charlie included) all guess at what that might be and don't quite ever seem to figure out.

(I suppose one could say this for la condition humane en génèrale.)

After days of this emotion matched with exercise, Charlie was tired on Friday, asking continually for 'blue mat' while doing speech therapy at school. His teachers honor the requests but try to keep Charlie up and doing his work. We do try to get him to sleep at night, but.

What with it being once again so warm I turned on the air conditioner Friday afternoon and then the mugginess breaking with a pelting rain as we did the very last leg of a long walk in the evening, Insomnia till after 6.30am Saturday morning was not unheralded.



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