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Climate Change and Autism

Just another New Jersey parking lot.

No, I do not mean to imply that climate change causes autism.

Climage change is real, autism is real and the temperature (with barometric pressure rising or dropping in full force) going up by some 20 degrees then down shortly thereafter, is a little harsh and if you're not one for transitions of any sort, it can all be really a lot to handle.

Wearing shorts instead of long pants is one such irksome transition for Charlie. Usually we try to wait until it is totally clear that warm(er) days are here to stay so he doesn't find himself with bare lower legs in an ice storm. For Charlie, summer temps in early April are not occasion to say 'yay, shorts work today' but to sweat it out on the daily round of bike rides and walks.

That is, what you see him wearing in the above photo taken a few days ago when it was a coolish, very pleasant spring day, was also what he was wearing on an overly fast, muggy hot, mostly run-not-walk exercise fest on Monday night.

And also on a briskly paced walk with very contained running Wednesday night in rain and as the sky flashed suddenly with lightning streaks.

It's cooling off here now, slowly. Apologies to the environment! but we have been turning on the air conditioning, the better to make the climate within comfortable, and comforting.  



We have same issue with changing boots/shoes.It upsets my son to change between them. I generally make sure winter is done before putting out his shoe.
Just makes my life simple

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