Climate Change and Autism
Walk This Way

Getting Smarter, Maybe

With the word 'river,' repeatedly uttered, Charlie signaled he wanted a shorter Jersey horse country bike ride than we'd been planning for Saturday morning. In the not too distant past I think we might have gently coaxed him into a longer ride but his words prevailed.

As well as he was balky, standing and hesitating, for the four miles and clearly ill at home.

Then he and Jim did a fully fast-paced twelve miles.

In the evening, there was no request for a walk but Charlie paced the kitchen for an hour. He yawned deeply a couple of times. With 3am approaching, sleep has yet to descend on him.

Usually a sickened stomach occasions bigger time behavioral hijinks than insomnia for him. Therefore, while I'm waiting out the night with him, it is with that muted chuckle when you suspect that, after the crucible of experience, you are mayhap on the road to becoming a bit wiser. (Wizened, for sure.)




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