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Two Good Points Worthy of Note


Good thing I suggested to Jim to forego going to the gym Friday morning. He and Charlie had clocked in twelve miles on their bikes the night before and then, while not sleeping till about 4am on Thursday morning, a clearly tired Charlie was in manic-mode and took us on an evening five mile jaunt at a race-walk -- running -- pace. (The route is more than five miles and we did it in just around an hour.)

Also very good that I've been running daily for the past thirty years, from the time I was on the cross country team. After Friday's twelve mile bike ride and at the very end of another night time (the 'curious incident in the night time' business rings often in my thoughts) five miler at a nice pace, Charlie went full throttle sprinting up our street, right fit behind, somewhat. Perhaps my rather ruthlessly healthy diet (meatlessly Mediterraneanish and very heavy on the fresh produce though also heavy on the black coffee; vices are human, and important!) comes in handy, too, in keeping up with the times of our boy.




Kristina, I am sure your diet and exercise are helping you a lot. I have been reading some more about the type of diet you seem to be on, definitely good for you. I ran across this recently, by Dr. Michael Greger:

You don't need to watch it as you probably already know the info and are practicing what he is saying... just passing along in support of what you are doing.

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