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Two Good Points Worthy of Note

Up Down

ὁδὸς ἄνω κάτω. "The way up the way down." Heraclitus, who is possibly my favorite Ancient Greek philosopher (it is definitely not Plato), is said to have said this and reviewing the words for up (ανά) and down (κατά) in Ancient Greek can lead one to recall those words.

As can other things.

Charlie navigating quite qell the return back to school post-Spring Break and saying good-bye to my parents after a visit -- three fun afternoons of biking (12 miles Tuesday) and long walks each day, plus a rather rollicking, light-hearted Wednesday afternoon while Jim was at meetings and teaching late, accompanied by three tense nights with Wednesday including an extended utterance session of "doctor" and "doctor office" till past 1am. Not quite sure of the meaning; our interpretations have ranged from the obvious to the associative, as ever.

Modem breaking, washing machine breaking and spending one-third of Monday morning at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a new drivers license after leaving my wallet behind at one of our routine stops, so that I was able to renew it (the license, wallet shall not be resurrected) early rather than in August which is possibly the worst time for me to do so as Charlie is home without school, summer school or camp.

Also, at the moment, we have no water because the street in front of our house is being dug up to fix the pipes, one of those post-Hurricane Sandy things. (Meaning that, it's obviously good the washing machine is broken because I just got back from the laundromat with a load of laundry instead of witnessing the machine sputter as the water went off.)

As Heraclitus also says, φύσις κρύπτεσθαι φιλεῖ, "nature loves to hide [itself]."



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