Amor et Labor

Jersey Cholly, He Is

'Jersey Cholly' Fisher -- look out E Street Band.

Since January, Charlie has had exactly one incident at school, a statistic all the more notable when you consider the amount of heavy-duty anxiety and those intermittent panic/anxiety attacks and the med change elsewise going on.

Since January, we have been waiting for the Dadless Wednesdays (a big reason for said panickyness) to end and they have and this is a good thing, it having evolved since some years that Jim and I are Charlie's sole caretakers. (Yes, we do need to work on this. We are.)

Since Charlie will be turning 16 in a week (!), we have been making preparations, of a birthday kind and otherwise.

As Jim (who took the photo at a hamburger stand stop during a muggy Tuesday bike ride) likes to say, the gent abides.



I think two things when I look at that great picture of Charlie:

1. Now that's zen
2. What a handsome young man

So glad that dad-less Wednesdays will be a thing of the past and hoping for a peaceful summer for all of you.


A great picture of a self-possessed guy, taking on the world. Thank you for sharing this.

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