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A Bit Muddy

The Insomniac Soundtrack

In anticipation of a visit from my parents, Charlie is having a bout of insomnia, proof that mind can work over matter -- over getting in miles of bike riding, getting up early and getting melatonin (even a bit extra).

He has not had an insomniac night in some weeks and (so far) is enjoying pacing the night away, iPad on. There's been quite a few playings of REM's Reveal, a touch of Feist and now it is Arcade Fire, 'Month of May,' 'Rococo' and all that and what do you know, but I just read this in reference to Wagner's Tristan and Isolde:

'Insomnia is a refusal to cross the boundary between waking and sleeping, a bid to outwit Terminus by hiding away in ‘soundless dark’, a zone beyond time. As garlic is to vampires, so clocks are to insomniacs, not because they tell of how much sleep has been missed, but because they bring the next day nearer.'

Maybe music is functioning as those clocks in Charlie's case, the passing of each song marking the hours till daylight, a 'soundful dark.'

On a more prosaic note, the intense emotionality associated Wagner seems present also with Arcade Fire -- a little too rococo.

My past attempts to request the iPad to change the music haven't always borne out so well so I'm letting the music run out as Charlie sits in the brown chair, hands over ears, and we seek Terminus and a soft cadence.


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