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The 2001st Post! A Pleasant End to a Long Weekend (Imagine That)

UPDATED: They're Predicting Lots of Hurricanes [video]

A performer Charlie is not -- I think he only sang the last bar of one verse of 'Sidewalks of New York' loud enough for anyone but the microphone to hear.


Star quality #autismland

But sing he did and he sat attentively in his seat (beside his aide, Charlie) for the whole concert on Wednesday.

What he did not do was sleep much after Monday night. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights were all consumed in several hour sessions of pacing, iPad to ear -- Arcade Fire to REM to Abby Road to Hard Day's Night (someday there's a blog post coming playing on that title at the rate of insomnia experience in our household), Disney, Wiggles at Wiggle Bay -- till 2am, with some intermittent attempts to lie down on his bed, snack eating, Mom-reset-the-music-on-my-iPad requesting.

(On Thursday night, the last- mentioned occurred about 13 times occasioning 26 Mom (me) jaunts up and down the stairs.)

Only Monday was a so-so school day. The rest, after maybe 4 hours of sleep max, were good. A physical exam at the pediatrician's on Thursday after the usual 30-minute plus rate in crampt quarters with Beauty and the Beast playing overhead (and Jim saying, hey, so that's what's going on in those songs we hear all the time! and me not always resisting the reflex to chime in with Belle) also went really well. Charlie is 5 feet 8 1/2 inches, as tall as he has been for awhile: Mayhap the growth spurt is at its end.

He finally slept in a bit this Saturday morning and had a nice and steady 9-mile ride on the muddy, gravelly trail and a panic attack in the car on the way home. The latter stayed contained (what can I say, Jim and I are developing reflexes about dealing with such) but we decided to not have the small birthday celebration with a few friends we'd been planning.

It was also a week of hot temperatures and rampant humidity and some rain. They're predicting lots of hurricanes this season so yes, that post with the Beatle-inspired title will happen.

Regardless, bikes will be ridden, and daily.

A bit of rain ride.



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