In Grad School We Had Too Much Time But Life Now Is Really So Very Full
The Great Staycation

Activity and Hyperactivity

Bayonne start.


A 40+ mile weekend of bike riding, including 1,2,3 rides (2 locals + Bayonne to Jersey City) on Sunday. Yawning at 8pm and up till almost 5am, with an intense bout of hyperactivity on all three levels of our house and ending with kicking so hard on the bed I thought Charlie could have gone airborne.

Had a bit of an inkling of this at-the-end-of-things impulsivity (that last hour can be the hardest) from a note from the school behaviorist on Friday. Charlie'd had a 'terrific day' ending with throwing and banging. 

Managing energy levels does remain the challenge. I know it took Jim many years to work through such. Not thinking of more and other medications; Charlie seems to be doing well with the current mix; always seeking more understanding.



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