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How Can You Be a Schoolboy When You're Not In School?

First Ferris wheel of the season.

Wednesday (tomorrow!) is Charlie's last day of what has been a super school year -- so super, that he has been extra anxious in the past few days as evinced by insomnia on Sunday night (following a fabulous Father's Day with the First Ferris Wheel Fling of the Season at a Festa) and getting upset on the bus this morning, necessitating Jim and me rushing across town to drive him.

Lately in the car and at odd moments throughout the day, Charlie has been asking for a shake or '10 spot' hug from Jim -- a bit of (deep-pressured) physical reassurance when worry strikes. I'm thinking such a worry moment hit Charlie on the bus this morning and he must have panicked, to reach for Dad and find only the back of the seat in front of him. To the voices of Barney exhorting us to have fun all day!, Hercules going the distance and Pochahantas painting with all the colors of the wind and Phil Schaap, Charlie got to school in order. He walked off at ease with an aide and Jim and I, with tons of regrets, cancelled some plans to meet a friend in New York. Best to stay near at hand.

This point was then reinforced when I found myself spending too much of the rest of the day listening to the elevator music while 'on hold' with the pharmacy, the doctor's office, the pharmacy, the doctor's office to deal with a Medication Issue. We've found it good karma to maintain the 'peaceful-easy-feelingness' even when Charlie is not home so I put my phone on speaker while waiting and my tone cheerful while emphasizing we had only enough of one medication left for today.

Fortunately, all the business involved in the calls was carried out before Charlie's bus returned. 

(Though he was tired, Charlie had a good day.)



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