Top 16 Tips For a Charlie Friendly Party
Activity and Hyperactivity

In Grad School We Had Too Much Time But Life Now Is Really So Very Full

They are pretty much twins.

I didn't realize that there is yet another subtropical storm (named Andrea) on the radar (which is making today, Friday, look distinctly wetter than Wednesday as depicted above).

Andrea's approach was somewhat signalled by Charlie staying up literally all night on Wednesday.

Then he went to school with a big smile on Thursday and had a quote unquote "amazing day."

I drove two hours into Pennsylvania and saw one of my dearest friends. Both of us being sleep-deprived, we apologized for occasional incoherency (not that I sensed it in anything she said; can't say so for myself) and drank coffee outside an in-library Starbuck's. The Old Testament, love and truth, stained glass windows, psycho-sorts of medications, in-laws, writing and one's writing being read, shopping, religion, teenagers, poetry, parents, the Walter Anderson museum, were all touched on somehow or other.

Then I drove home in less than two hours (same route, it is possible there was less traffic/I drove faster), Charlie got zippily off the bus, Charlie and Jim jad a really fast bike ride, we all got in the car and on the way back Charlie revealed why he had slept nary a wink.

Jim got Charlie inside the house to take a good hot shower and I spent a good half-hour working on the back seat of the car, only regretting that, due to Andrea, I couldn't keep the windows open to air the interior out.

While Jim and I marveled over how long it can take to process both an excellent party-not-a-party and a bit too much processed food, Charlie slept from 7 till 7.


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