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Wednesday was one of those Autismland Conumdrum days when, for the second day in a row (such is New Jersey traffic), the bus driver was late and you learn the lesson the harder way that it is no longer a good idea for Charlie to wait in the front yard for anything or anyone, unless you want to have yet another really fun conversation with the neighbors across the street regarding their property.

Then a fine day at school. An hour-long period of staring at a crack in the sidewalk during a bike ride (Jim called me and we stood and watched Charlie; he's been doing these stop-stares for the past week -- something to do with the heavy summer air, a summer cold, 'life'). Dinner, sound sleeping at 8pm, up after midnight, possibly in anticipation of an 8am Thursday dentist appointment and very likely due to impending thunderstorms. The hours were cheerily paced away while listening to music and checking out videos.

While Charlie is not able to have x-rays taken, he had his teeth cleaned, brushed (with his own toothbrush and toothpaste), flossed and fluoridated -- no fuss and no muss -- and was eager to go to school. 

Once upon a time, dentist visits did require months of practice, planning, a lot of picture scheduling and a bit of effort so Charlie would not only stay in the chair, but keep his mouth open. I mean, the dentist needs to check your teeth!




Stop-stares is rather a strange behavior!For an hour! Oh, are so patient! Rose


Congratulations on the successful dental visits.

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