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I love how his face lights up when you say, "Gong Gong"! Obviously, a lot of happy memories with those words :)

We are dealing with bouts of sleeplessness too here. I don't know whether it's a good idea to encourage staying up (I just usually ask that my daughter put an iPad on the dimmest setting, although I know it's still stimulating) or forcing sleep (lying in a dark, quiet house is no fun, for sure). As with Charlie, our bouts are usually tied to something anxiety-provoking (in this case, a new school).

One thing I've always wondered about with Charlie: Would it be helpful to have him use a stationary bike? We have a bike trainer in our house (for me, not the kids!) to use during inclement weather. Could Charlie get some excess energy out that way? He could use the same bike he typically does for rides. However, I don't discount the benefits of fresh air and sunshine - that does seem better!

Kristina Chew

@audball, I hadn't thought of dimming the screen of the iPad. Though I suspect Charlie would just turn it back up. I have tried turning it off but I'm never sure if the resulting distress is worth it. Charlie looks at the photos (of the bus, camp) for reassurance about what's coming up.

Yes, fresh air is best... Charlie had some bad experiences with an exercise bike at school. I guess I have to say, the past few years have left us not wanting extra metal things in the house to, ah, get knocked down or thrown... I've wondered if there is just a lot of cognitive dissonance for Charlie regarding an exercise bike -- it's not a bike to him, that is! For reasons suspect you're too familiar with, he wants only to ride one particular bike. Every new one we've gotten him for his birthday has ended up becoming a bike for Jim!


Darn! I just realized that the app our therapist gave us to auto-dim the iPad requires a jailbroken iPad :( Not exactly helpful, unless you already have a jailbroken device:

I do understand about wanting to be outside and having that be "biking", by definition. I know with the bike trainer I have, I can hook on my own bike that I ride outside, but it's not exactly easy to mount, so there's that. It's better to keep things as they are. I am so envious that Charlie is so motivated to exercise and get out…Good for him! :)

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