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21st Century Motherhood Looks Like This

I spent quite a few hours last night syncing, downloading, uploading, after Charlie deleted all the music from his iPad. He does that periodically on getting a bit frustrated with the device. As the iPad was synced with my laptop that he tossed last Wednesday, I've been using Jim's old one which, aside from the screen being cracked and some dents near the keyboard, works great.

It has a cd drive so, in the midst of realizing I had discs of all four of the Disney classic hits that Charlie is very insistent on except for the one he most had to have, #2 -- I've already ordered a used cd and made queries to relatives -- I uploaded the Barney sleepy time cd he's long missed. I hadn't put it on because, well, too much Barney isn't always in anyone's best interests and I just couldn't drag myself to get the cd out and the uploading, finding the cover art, adding it, etc., done.

It took a bit of time. Charlie waited very patiently as I added and deleted music to his specifications. "Team effort!" I said at one point.

Jim affirmed that sentiment.

Charlie really liked the new songs.


james fisher

Cracked screen is my doing not cha's hahah--that baby has taken some pounding over thousands of jersey-nyc roundtrips

M Kelter

mama bonus points: awarded.

Kristina Chew

And there was much joy and rejoicing when I found the longed-for CD on the cracked screen laptop, hiding somewhat in plain sight...


As a fellow parent of two autistic teens let me please say that in my opinion Barney videos represent some sort of fracture in the space time continuum. Einstein's laws go out the window . Somehow a single episode of Barney seems to stretch into nearly eternity. By my rough calculations 1 hour of Barney time equals about 6 hours of human time. I've done everything possible to move away from Barney. If I ever have a full on psychotic break, that little purple bastard will somehow be involved .

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