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ESY Ends, Everything Else Is Upon Us

Last day of esy bike ride.



Charlie had his simply Best. ESY. Ever. Nary a call from the behaviorist and a nice post-final-ESY-bus ride afterwards.


3 behavior storms (in the car in a crampt New Jersey town -- drove into the parking lot of a firehouse till things calmed; at 3am leaving the living room in a new state; at 1 pm after a fatigued sleep and leaving the living room in a slightly less new state) in under 24 hours.


After a spate of pleasant low-humidity in-the-80-something-Fahrenheit days, a return to heavy air, thunderstorms, rising temps and the other hallmarks of Jersey summers we have known.


Charlie wanted to go to camp and was dropped off at 1.30pm. As the camp closes at 3pm, he only spent a short time there but he went in eagerly, had a nice time amid a lot of noise and was picked up just as the heavens opened and sheets of rain came down.


Charlie wanted to go straight home and, after watermelon and drinking a lot of liquids, went to sleep. 


Weary he must have been (parts of the living room were quite upended though some of it involved old bits of furniture we'd been wanting to remove anyways) (they have been removed).


I do not know of a transition that has not been without rugged waters for Charlie, even after so many peaceable days and nights.


Kent Adams

Kristina, this is the first time in probably 3 years I have checked in on your blog. I'm amazed you are still at it. Frankly, I'm amazed at your perseverance.

Shay Shealy West

Keeping you, Jim, and Charlie in my thoughts and prayers... especially during the time between ESY and the beginning of the regular school year...


To Kent Adams: I don't know how you intended your comment, probably as a compliment. But it comes across as puzzling and annoying.
All parents are "still at it" - we parent our children all life long, in different ways at different ages. Every parent needs perseverance - do m/any of us just stop and walk away? What is there to amaze you in that?
We parents of special children, just the same as any parents, want to lighten our children's difficulties, but we never want to stop parenting them.
When you are "amazed" that Kristina is "still at it" - what did you expect? That she and Jim would just stop parenting Charlie? You're "frankly ... amazed" at her "perseverance" - again, what did you expect? That they would stop being a family - where is that an option? Even if Kristina and Jim at some point find supportive housing for Charlie, they will still continue to parent him, they will still be at it, and still persevere. Why be amazed? Just admire and support them.

Kristina Chew

@Kent, It's very good to hear from you. Still blogging and a lot more, I guess it could be said!

@Shay, thanks so much. Taking it one day at a time --

@SS, just wanted to say thank you. And wishing we could live forever so we could be at it taking care of Charlie as long as he needs us.


I took Kent's comment as referring solely to the blogging, and in a very complimentary way indeed. There are few blogs, autism-related or otherwise, with authors so dedicated to the bloggy enterprise for so many years on end. Kristina, my hat is off to you, as my own blog-output has dwindled dramatically!

Meanwhile, I've been thinking of you & Charlie this week as Joy has been working her way through the bike camp formerly known as Lose the Training Wheels (now called iCanBike.) By the end of today's session we're hoping to be able to "spot" her with a tail-handle, no training wheels needed... independent biking may not come this summer, but we can see it from here!

Linda Sullivan

Yay for ESY and Charlie and boo to the system for the long drought before school resumes.

Sending warm wishes.❤

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