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Why we wish Charlie's camp could last for one more week

'Interesting Times' Indeed

Choosing straps.


Charlie had a major panic attack at 2.30am after one of those nice easy-going days -- the eternal autismland conundrum of happy times chased, very quickly, by distress that mushrooms into something else very fast -- and only got to sleep around 7am, after a trip to the ER and a big clean-up of his room and the hallway (which is now far cleaner than it was at the start of the weekend -- not a bad thing).

Then I read about this happening in the parking deck I never park in at work.

"Interesting times" is a euphemism but it is apt.

Update at 4.30 pm -- after an interchange between Jim and me regarding whether the band aids I was dispatched to procur actually had adhesive or not (they didn't but were, as Jim pointed out after trying to put one over the large bump on Charlie's forehead, pads; I protested it was the neosporin I had slathered on Charlie's forehead per the ER doctor) and the glad producing of another box I had bought that were, per the box, actual large-sized band aids with adhesive galore, and a trivia moment about how a very old acquaintance of Jim's once had a job testing band aids on dogs -- a very good 16 mile bike ride because (the boxer reference is intended!) while we can be down around here we are not out.



M Kelter

poor guy, sorry these sleep-depriving moments happened...hope charlie is doing well tonight, his peaceful/easy self. and hoping he can get some rest, do a little recharing. (this is m, formerly of incipient turvy).

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