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As Jim (after relating the happy facts of a Pirate victory) pointed out to me this Sunday morning, it is fall, meaning that the best time of the year for bike riding (in New Jersey, that is) is upon us. Charlie requested not one but two 16-milers out in Jersey horse country (where I noted some of the steeds were a-grazing covered up in horse blankets).

Inbetween the rides, Charlie had serious stomach distress that has been routine for the past month. It has taken the projectile form of 'someone needing to scrub out the back and some of the front of the car/three-quarters of the kitchen/bathroom floor.' I suspect something churning was one of the reasons Charlie slept from about 8pm till midnight on Thursday and Friday night, and then was awake for all the time after.

He did get in a mega-sleep Saturday night from about 9pm till 11am. Antonio the barber had noted Charlie yawning durning a Saturday shave but our boy likes to go through his paces and, while nodding off throughout the day, staved off a full sleep until the very end.

So far, Charlie has not (since mid-August) showed a sign of the sort of behavior storms (with SIBs) that have occurred since he was just over 2 -- leading us to wonder if the stomach tumult is some sort of new strategy for dealing with a huge mix of anxiety, fear, frustration, inner tumult?

I'm all right with it, I must underscore, and even with the insomnia. It has emerged that Charlie always wakes up in time for the school bus, or simply rolls out in a very sleepy state. It also seems to be the case that, should he stay up late, on the next day or (more likely), the day after that, he sleeps quite well.

We adapt around his ways of being. Otherwise, this blog could hardly be We Go With Him.



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