The Over-Seasoned Parent
Episode on a New Jersey Island

Generally Charlie does things in extremes and so with sleep

After bike riding, a search for a church carnival in Bergen county, a round on the Ferris wheel and on the lollipop swing, Charlie pulled yet another all-nighter, pacing at hyper speeds up and down the stairs and into the kitchen and back. He was game to go for a shave, a white car ride and a biking jaunt on Saturday at 8am. I told him I'd set a timer after I for back from a jog; he settled in the brown chair and Jim got a in a bit more rest.

When I got back, Charlie was in bed. It is nearing 7pm now and he hasn't budged.

Such power sleeping was warranted. I'm pretty sure the last time Charlie (and Jim and I) really slept was Tuesday night.

Generally Charlie does things in extremes and so with sleep


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