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4 Reasons It's Been An Interesting Week

Charlie walking across the school parking lot en route to the neurologist.

It's been an interesting week. 

(Though, truth be told, it's always interesting in one way or another around here.)

1. It's been a buscapade week as you might have gathered from me driving Charlie to school on Monday. He had 'an incident' on Wednesday morning after 10 minutes on the bus so we drove him. No problem going home or on the bus to school on Thursday. Call from Charlie's case manager Thursday morning in which I was told the bus company wants Charlie to wear 'a device' on the bus and would I say yes. I said we needed to have a meeting with Charlie's teacher, the school behaviorist, the case manager, Jim and me, the bus company (and I also asked the case manager who is this anonymous 'bus company' and he said he'd find out -- Charlie's bus has the name of the autism center that he attends on it and the autism center's transportation office calls us about matters but apparently there is another party in all of this).

2.  I'm having baseball withdrawal thanks to Jim's team having a winning season in the first time in 21 years and the first time since we've known each other. 

3. I'm thinking of teaching Oedipus at Colonus via listicle.

4. Charlie's neurologist said she is leaving the practice next Tuesday. 




What kind of "device" were they referring to? Is it some kind of restraint?

Kristina Chew

Yes, a safety vest. He got home fine on Friday.

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