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Why I Don't Bother With the Gym

Fortunately I had a really big (and strong) @moopshop bag to haul this home in.

Charlie has had something of a 'sleep schedule' for the past two (Monday and Tuesday) nights:

Asleep at 7/8pm. Awake from 12 midnight on.

Between the stamina we have acquired from this and his 'non-sleep antics,' and the muscles from lifting Charlie-size bikes and other wrassling, I found myself not making too much of carrying the above bag of books from my office across (an admittedly quite small campus) to the parking lot, and then bringing it into the house with, cradled in my left arm's crook, an entire watermelon that our local grocery store manager had helpfully procured from the back storeroom after the clerk pointed out to me that it cost $7.99 for a whole one versus $6.52 for a pre-cut quarter slice.


Linda Sullivan

Wrote, "Sitting is the new Smoking" for sullimaybe must be cut😉


Wow! Super!
And you'll put those honed muscles to further good use when you chop that watermelon!

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